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Technical Experience

Tired of being worried sick?  Losing sleep over DDOS attacks on critical resources? Years of IRC cyber war and packet power means our solutions do stop all hackers in their tracks, never to cross the perimeter boundary again, and for the first time after the internet was sprung: safe is your critical business I.P.

Cyber Security Solutions

We guarantee your security with  our solutions. What scale projects do you work on?  We will guarantee your data integrity and availability has an end of year SLA of 100%, to infinity and beyond!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have not seen any damage to SLA since we started in 1999. Offensive  security leaves no way for bad guys to exploit 3rd party mistakes, as their systems will be taken  offline until the RM -RF /* cleans up their evil OS, you can take that to the bank, Wells-Fargo Bank actually! guaranteed success


Network Security

Managed services and Security as a Service together will enhance your network's security without the heavy overhead cost. 

Our remote and local security app mesh uses all compiled data and feed it in to an AI algorithm, real-time predicting and preventing vulnerabilities is now here!

IT Project Management

We provide affordable  IT project support for network and systems security:

Implement access management, audit for compliance and monitor for anomalies

Incident Response

We can help your company rather before, but if needed after a security incident. 

Trusting our incident response team means sleeping without care

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